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Every year, thousands of students walk through our doors ready to improve their lives. By learning to read and write and speak English, they’re changing more than their own lives; they’re gaining the opportunity to help their children and grandchildren with homework and instilling in them a love of learning that will carry on for generations. For our students, a GED is more than piece of paper; it’s the embodiment of overcoming challenges, of commitment and hard work. It means increased financial stability and the ability to provide for their families. Studying hard to become a U.S. citizen means the chance to participate in voting and politics and to play a part in effecting positive change in our community. Learning English means the opportunity to not only survive, but thrive here and helps to make a new country feel like home. Our Family Literacy participants are able to raise their children in a home full of books, where invaluable time is spent together as a family, setting children up for success in their school years.

With your help we can stop the cycle of low-literacy and poverty in Central Florida.

Your gift tells students “I believe in you, you deserve the opportunity to learn, and you are an important part of our community.”

Fam Lit Campaign

At the Adult Literacy League, we recognize the importance of developing valuable literacy skills at a young age.

Establishing a solid foundation at home can be the key ingredient for a child’s lasting academic success. Every parent wants to see their children thrive; however, only 27% of parents with below basic literacy levels report reading to their children five or more times a week.

Many of our students cite a desire to read to their children and grandchildren and help them with their homework as a primary reason for seeking to improve their own education. They long to spare their children from the hardships that their struggles with literacy have forced them to face. Unfortunately, many of these same families find their goals frustrated by a very basic but significant need: the ability to acquire the books themselves.

Inspired by our students’ commitment and drive, the Adult Literacy League believes that the price of reading material should never hinder a family in its pursuit of a more literate household. Our Family Literacy initiatives, the Read to Me! Book Club, and Read to My Baby program provide low income families with children’s books and activities they can keep in their home, allowing these families to begin building an at-home library, practice valuable literacy skills, and spend quality time engaging in educational activities together as a family.

Help strengthen the future of our community by supporting these young readers. Your donation to the Adult Literacy League will allow us to continue providing these programs free of charge and set these children up for success throughout their lives!



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