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Freynaldo – ESOL


English Language Learning Student

Imagine having all this knowledge stored in your brain and not being able to communicate it. Thinking in Spanish and communicating in English has always been a challenge for English language learners. You’re always feeling scared to say the wrong thing but in your head you have these fully-formed, intelligent thoughts and feelings to share.

My name is Freynaldo but you can call me Frey. I believe in justice,
equality, and freedom, and guess what? I am a lawyer. I graduated from college back in 2001 in my native country Venezuela, where I also have two master’s degrees.

I came to the USA in 2016 and I didn’t speak any English. Some people laughed, and made jokes about me because I didn’t understand a word of what they were saying. After three years of hard work and the help of the Adult Literacy League, I can speak, read, write and THINK in English.

My long-term goal is to practice law in the USA. Learning English was just the first step to achieving my dream. I am working to be admitted to law school in Florida to complete a master’s degree in US Law. I want to practice
Immigration Law to help immigrants who, just like me, are looking for new opportunities.

Packing your life into just one bag is nearly impossible. When I got to the States I felt so lost and I didn’t know how to start. The Adult Literacy League was a blessing in my life. They not only have been helping me to improve my English, but they have also become my friends and my new family in the USA.


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