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Should you find yourself wondering how to explain the rule for why we, in English, use “make” and not “do” or what to do about those pesky irregular verbs, then look no further! The following is a list of FREE websites that can help you supplement or even plan your lessons – whether you’re working with an ESL/ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) student or an ABE (Adult Basic Education) student.



  • ESL Gold– Audio and animations focusing on pronunciation, vocabulary, and writing
  • ESL Flow – ESOL Lesson plans
  • Activities for ESL Students– ESOL exercises
  • About Education – Sign up for the weekly newsletter for ESOL tips and tricks
  • English ClubTools for ESL teachers and students
  • Teaching ESL to Adults– ESOL lesson plans, worksheets, and information on TESOL certification
  • – Covers topics from basic literacy to all levels, focuses on children, but can be appropriate for some students
  • Starfall Teaches basic skills starting with phonics and low-level reading. Focuses on children, but can be appropriate for some students
  • Full Reads – Full-length classic stories broken into easy-to-read pages
  • NEWSELANonfiction and current event articles. You can choose the grade level for reading the articles
  • Wonderopolis– Exploration and discovery in learners of all ages
  • Free Writing PromptsCreative, non-fiction, and persuasive writing prompts (and more)
  • Learning English (Voice of America)A multimedia source of news and information for millions of English learners worldwide
  • Reep World– English practice for beginners
  • VOA– Learning English

Printable Worksheets/Templates

Conversational – Advanced

Computer Skills and Work Skills

  • GCF Learn FreeVideos focusing on computer and work skills, as well as activities to work on reading, vocabulary, and more
  • Business English SiteBusiness English vocabulary and lessons for high-level ESOL students
  • Learn the NetNavigating the internet
  • Excel Easy–  Working with Excel

Test Prep – Citizenship, GED

Learning Differences


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