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Susan’s journey to success

“Dumb.” “Stupid.” “Slow.” These words, hurled by teachers, strangers and even family members, became the building blocks of Susan’s self-image. She faced the brutality of growing up in the 60s and 70s as a kid with an undiagnosed learning disability. At the time, such differences were not widely understood and

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Dr. Jose, ALL Student & Instructor

By Amanda Cypriano, Community Engagement Specialist Imagine going through seven years of extensive schooling, establishing yourself as an accredited cardiologist, practicing medicine for over 30 years and then, one day, you are faced with an ultimatum: choose between your hard-won career and your children’s future. This is the decision that ALL

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Freynaldo Adrian Ochoa, ALL Student

“We [immigrants] come to the United States and we think everything will be similar to our country…and that is not correct,” Freynaldo said. Freynaldo was quickly hit with this harsh realization as political issues ushered him out of his home country of Venezuela in 2016. Although he was a licensed attorney back

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