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Falling more in love with the power of words

Volunteer Michael Monarrez Puckett, who teaches an adult literacy class at Orange County Corrections on the mens side, shares his thoughts on teaching, vulnerability and the power of words. As I write this, the day before Valentine’s Day, I reflect on an invigorated love for the power of words to

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Orlando nonprofit shocked by big donation from long-time volunteer | Commentary via Orlando Sentinel

By SCOTT MAXWELL | [email protected] | Orlando Sentinel James “Dug” Duggan was always thrifty. Like really thrifty. Whenever the Orlando retiree bought his favorite Italian sub at Publix, he made sure the sandwich included the salami — even though Dug didn’t like salami. Dug just didn’t like the idea of paying for something he wasn’t getting.

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Dr. Jose, ALL Student & Instructor

By Amanda Cypriano, Community Engagement Specialist Imagine going through seven years of extensive schooling, establishing yourself as an accredited cardiologist, practicing medicine for over 30 years and then, one day, you are faced with an ultimatum: choose between your hard-won career and your children’s future. This is the decision that ALL

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Pat King, ALL Tutor

When student Gladys was matched with volunteer tutor Pat, she could not read. Gladys, a 65-year-old woman, could speak English perfectly, yet she couldn’t venture too far from home by car because she couldn’t read road signs. She always had to have one of her kids read her bills for

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