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Peyton Whittington

Development & Communications Manager

Peyton Whittington’s very first job out of college was with the Adult Literacy League as the organization’s Community Engagement Specialist. She learned the ins and outs of non-profit communications, coordinated events during a global pandemic (groan) and fell deeply in love with the organization and its students. When it came time to say goodbye and move onto her next opportunity, she continued to volunteer with the organization as an ESOL class instructor at her local library.

But, all roads lead to Rome (or Winter Park), and Peyton returned to the Adult Literacy League in early 2023 with more life and communications experience under her belt. She’s beyond excited to get back to serving the League’s mission as a staff member and volunteer.

In her free time, Peyton loves to spend time with her furry children Tulip and Smokey, roller skate, play Dungeons & Dragons and lift heavy things and put them back down. She’s committed to making her Sanford home look more like the Haunted Mansion every day and she hopes to one day befriend the adorable possum who lives under her porch. 407-422-1540 x118


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